Shipping parcels and pallets to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

We offer services of shipping parcels up to 30 kg and pallets up to 700 kg. We deliver goods to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

From now on, EUPACO will send your shipments to the world with the international express service!

Taking into account the ever-growing needs of our customers, we are pleased to introduce a new EUPACO service that will deliver and deliver your desired shipment from around the world in a very short time!

Shipping quality is guaranteed

The successful international courier service, EUPACO, is committed to delivering these shipments as well as delivering quality shipments regardless of where the world is traveling. The "journey" of the shipment will be safe, reliable, because it will be taken care of by experts in your field.

EUPACO customers will be able to choose from one of two delivery methods - express delivery for express shipments and documents from Poland, as well as to Poland from most countries of the world (express service) and land transportation, with which your parcel will reach the recipient slower, but at a very attractive price. .

A new EUPACO service can serve business companies that will be able to transport and transport small shipments from around the world more efficiently and easily!

No matter how far your shipment will "travel", EUPACO undertakes to ensure the highest standards for delivery of the shipment.

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Possible dimensions of pallets for shipping:

  • 60x80 cm
  • 120x80 cm
  • 120x120 cm

The consignment should be placed on the pallet and secured against any damage.

  • Only undamaged pallets are accepted for shipping.
  • The consignment should be permanently fastened to the pallet using stretch wrap and/or binding tape
  • The consignment should be wrapped with stretch wrap at least three times from all sides (the top as well)
  • No elements of the consignment should stick out beyond the outline of the pallet.
  • If a part of a non-typical consignment sticks out of the outline of the pallet, under any circumstances it has to be wrapped up in a way to prevent any damage to the consignment and/or other consignments
  • Lighter elements (e.g cardboard boxes) should be placed on top of heavier elements
  • The centre of gravity should be located in the centre of the pallet
  • All the corners of the consignment should be secured with cardboard corner protector
  • The consignment can be up to 1700 mm high. Accepting shipment of a higher consignment is possible after agreeing upon with an employee of the courier company.
  • Round-shaped elements should be tape bound and secured against moving with e.g. wooden wedges.

Price list

  LT Vilnius/Kaunas     Lithuania LV Riga      Latvia   EE Tallinn      Estonia
Parcel up to 30 kg 12€                                 +2€  14€              +2€    16€                   +2€     
Pallet 80€                                +20€ 90€             +20€ 100€                +20€

The prices are shown in EURO currency excluding VAT

Prices in Euro are shown according to the average exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland on the date of ordering shipping.

Delivery time: Lithuania , Latvia 2-5 days, Estonia 3-7 days

How to pack the parcels:


  • They should be in good condition - preferably new
  • Adjust the size of the box to the consignment - too much empty space / filler reduces the weight resistance (boxes stacked on top of each other)
  • Use strong duct tape and wrap the box in a way so that the tape on the top lid and bottom form the shape of "H" letter
  • Remove old labels and place the new ones, be careful not to bend the bar code


  • Place the boxes on the pallet on top of each other to form stacks - that is the most durable structure
  • Adjust the structure to the size of the pallet to make sure nothing sticks out
  • Make sure the structure is flat and it forms a solid block
  • Wrap the structure with a string or flexible packaging film
  • Place a label on the side of the pallet - it will allow the bar code to be read when pallets are stacked


We may not accept your package if:

  • Boxes used are damaged (they have holes or are squashed)
  • There is a heavy item in a weak box
  • The box is wet
  • The box weighs more than the limit
  • The elements are loosely stacked on the pallet
  • Some elements stick out of the pallet structure
  • The pallets are damaged or of poor quality
  • The consignments have sharp edges that stick out

Consignments containing dangerous goods have to comply with the requirements of IATA and ADR regulations.